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Gbalịa alụbeghị di mbụ! Free ahia Changsha mpaghara nke na-ewu ígwè ọrụ eji ngwá mbupụ usoro ikpe otu ọdịda

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Changsha construction machinery used equipment "sea" made a new breakthrough. Today, 16 sets of second-hand construction machinery and equipment depart from Changsha and are exported to 11 countries such as Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Egypt. This marks the official landing of the "trial order of the whole process of export of used construction machinery equipment" in Changsha Area of Hunan Free Trade Zone. It is expected that by the end of this year, the trial order scale will reach about 500 million yuan.



First 16 used construction machinery export trial order

At 10 o 'clock in the morning, 16 second-hand construction machinery and equipment were lined up and ready to go in the equipment base of Wisasta import and export Co., LTD.

Wisasta is a foreign trade enterprise specializing in the export of construction machinery used equipment, with rich experience and customer and technical accumulation. The first batch of 16 used construction machinery and equipment, the export value of 8 million yuan, including Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion concrete pump trucks, mixing trucks, as well as Sunward intelligent excavator and other types of equipment. Delivery standards meet the personalized needs of overseas customers in different regions, including remanufacturing and direct delivery in situ. In the whole transaction process, through professional equipment inspection and maintenance process display through the Internet, it effectively solves overseas buyers' concerns about the authenticity of equipment quality and trust in the transaction.

In order to promote the whole process of second-hand equipment export trial order landing, the free trade airport block gives full play to the advantages of port platform, and actively provides enterprises with customs clearance, financing and other services. Jian Wei, Secretary of the Discipline and Work Committee of the Free Trade Airport Zone, will focus on the key countries in the construction of pre-warehouse, mutual recognition of second-hand equipment standards and other difficult issues in the first trial, to help Changsha declare the national construction machinery second-hand equipment export pilot city.

The global scale of Blue Ocean is 400 billion US dollars

At present, construction machinery products have entered the "stock era". It is expected that by 2025, the annual transaction scale of global used construction machinery will exceed 400 billion US dollars, and the transaction volume of China's used construction machinery will exceed 500 billion yuan. At present, the export volume of new construction machinery in Hunan accounts for about 25% of the national export volume, but the export volume of second-hand construction machinery and equipment accounts for less than 1% of the export volume of new machinery in Hunan Province, and the annual export is less than 500 sets.

The export of the two mobile phone price is the highest, is a Zoomlion 52 meters concrete pump truck. "It is 80 percent new after remanufacturing and renovation, and the export price is 700,000 yuan, while the price of the same model is about 2 million yuan." Dicoln Tan in charge of Wisasta personnel introduced, 1.3 million yuan gap for the international market is very attractive. "The Belt and Road" countries have a strong market demand at present, and the second-hand construction machinery has a broad prospect in the sea.

It is difficult to get through the exit blocking point of second-hand equipment of construction machinery

Although the market is large, the export of second-hand construction machinery faces many difficulties, pain points and blocking points. The core is the three major problems of evaluation and pricing, testing and certification, tax management, as well as the transaction information asymmetry between buyers and sellers, and the lack of standards, supporting facilities and channels.

"It is of great significance to open up a new track for development, seize the commanding heights of the industry and master the leading power to open up the blocking points and difficulties in the export industry of used construction machinery equipment." Hao Wang, member of the Party Working Committee of Changsha Area of Free Trade Zone and deputy director of the Management Committee, introduced that on September 30, the pilot program of the whole process of the export of used equipment of construction machinery in Changsha Area of China (Hunan) Pilot Free Trade Zone was released. Through a certain scale of the pilot order, the solution will be studied one by one to explore the formation of the policy system of the export of used equipment of construction machinery, and form an institutional advantage in Changsha area. Realize industrial agglomeration.

"This trial order focuses on the evaluation of pricing, local road equipment and other issues." Hao Wang introduced, the next step will be in the "platform, build a base, build a system". Changsha Area will plan to build a comprehensive service platform with functions such as inspection, testing, evaluation and pricing. Promote the construction of construction machinery used equipment remanufacturing base; Strive for national institutional policy support, gradually realize the construction machinery used equipment export to build a hundred billion level of industry strategic goal.

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